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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Puppets- Mongoose and Mosquito

I have a lot of updating to do with not just this blog, but my etsy store! ...but dont worry, I'm working on it! :P

I'm really proud of these puppets, because I decided to challenge myself by sewing and stuffing them, which is a method I'd never really used before with puppets I've made in the past. I'm happy with how they turned out! :)
The puppets were made for the Future Centre Trust's puppet show about climate change.


WRC Illustration said...

great puppets!
i was sowing underwater animals and birds over the summer... there difficult but always look great when done. peace!

Cherise Ward said...

yeah, its always a good feeling when the hard work pays off, and you get a cool fun puppet to play with!

Nicole - Future Centre Trust said...

And they are both fabulous Cherise!! Thanks so much for your artistic contribution and physical contribution to the successful launch of Bri and Luk - Friends in times of changing climates!! :))

RayPublicHealth said...

Hello Cherise, I love your mosquito. With Zika virus all over the world now, would you consider making and selling more of the mosquito? from Rachel in Hawaii (Health Educator)